E3 Men’s Ministry

Calvary Pentecostal Church approached Hatch looking to create a recognizable logo to represent their new men’s ministry, E3. E3 encompasses the Calvary Pentecostal Church’s root desire to encourage, enable and equip the men of the church. In mathematics, the subscript 3 represents the third power, also known as cube. The cube was used as a literal element and the base of the design. The letter E is styled to look like the corner of a cube with the geometric inclosure accentuating the perspective, simultaneously incorporating the number 3 into the design.

The logo, which may appear straightforward at first glance, features complexities in the design elements and decisions in the design process. At a more subliminal level, the rounded corners on the outside and inner edges of the design create a more relaxed feel, while the separation in the enclosure feels secure without closing itself off. The negative space left within the E reveals a shepherd’s crook pointing back to the core message of “encourage, enable, equip,” represented with the number three and signifying unity. These elements come together to create a logo that is both legible and easily identifiable across a wide array of applications.

Client Calvary Pentecostal Church Our Role Logo Desigm, Colour Palette Similar ProjectsYellow Iron EquipmentCPCA