Fulcrum Advantage

Jennifer Garland is a professionally accredited business communicator, strategic writer, facilitator, and coach. Pairing her experience and skills with her passion for equine assisted learning, she developed the Fulcrum Advantage leadership development programs. The programs are tailored for developing methods of coping in high stress environments, improving mental health and enhancing individual and team effectiveness. The Fulcrum Advantage delivers valuable insight on self-projection through horse based exercises, revealing personal barriers and opportunities for growth.

Jennifer approached Hatch with the task of creating an icon that visually encompasses the spirt of the program while also resonating with corporate executives. The finished design is full of symbology and meaning, taking its greatest inspiration from mandala art and yin yang. The logo features two horses forming both halves of the yin yang symbol. Rendered entirely from a single weight stroke, as common in simplistic mandala designs, the design reflects the characteristics of unity, harmony, and wholeness while the dashed and broken lines represent motion or moving through a state of transition. As yin yang suggests harmony and the balancing of energy, the open ended lines signify a state of development.

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