George & Orange

After creating a new restaurant aesthetic, new name and stronger targeted demographic, the owner of George & Orange was looking for a new brand identity to reflect these changes. George & Orange features a large selection of craft beer and liquors, while serving charcuterie and small signature dishes. The new brand had to also reflect the intimate and relaxed environment of the restaurant, as well as the balanced focus of food and drink.

The iconic mark is easily distinguished both when it stands on its own and when accompanied by the business name. The ampersand not only connects the words George and Orange, but also represents the connection of “and” friends, “and” food, “and” drink, etc. The impactful design of the logo features a nod to the restaurant name, as an orange fruit ends the ampersand and an orange leaf illustrates the swash, creating memorability. The logo can be used both on its own, or presented with the full name so that it reads “George & Orange” and “Taproom & Kitchen.” The distinctive logo pairs well with a vibrant, fun and energetic colour palette, creating unique and memorable branding.

George & Orange is a restaurant, inspired by North American tastes, extraordinary food and specialty craft beers. Serving charcuterie, small signature dishes, beers and spirits.

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