William Street Beer Co.

The William Street Beer Co. is Cobourg, Ontario’s first, and only, craft beer company. Owner and brewmaster Sean Walpole comes from an extensive background in brewing and the beer industry. Leaving his life in Toronto, he decided to return to his small town roots in Cobourg with the desire to brew simple, high quality, and hand crafted ales. William Street Beer Co. sources premium local ingredients, choosing natural products over extracts, with no chemicals or shortcuts.

Sean tasked Hatch with providing the new brewery a logo and brand foundation that would be reflective of the community’s port-based history. The Cobourg harbour was originally an industrial port used by large ships. Today, the transformed waterfront is renowned for its beaches, drawing tens of thousands of visitors each season. We crafted a logo that very much retains the industrial harbour quality of old, incorporating nautical elements to the design, including the unique shape of the logo enclosure which is inspired by the bow of a ship. The logo pairs nautical features with simplicity, as to not detract from the illustrated labels that it would be later paired with. Two variants of the logo, featuring a colour palette that is energetic and fun, were presented to accommodate different uses. This high quality logo accompanies a high quality beer.

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